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Welcome to Studio Re-ma, where creativity meets functionality in the realm of architecture and interior design. Founded by Resham Makhija, a passionate designer driven by the fusion of global trends and local sensibilities. Our journey began with a profound desire to explore the world through the transformative power of design. After honing our craft with a master's degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, we've returned to our roots in Mumbai, eager to infuse international aesthetics into the vibrant tapestry of our hometown.

At Studio Re-ma, we believe that spaces are not merely physical constructs, but emotional canvases that shape our experiences. Our mission is to craft environments that resonate with your soul, seamlessly blending your needs with our innovative design solutions. From conceptualization to execution, we strive to create spaces that not only fulfill practical requirements but also evoke a sense of joy and inspiration. Our vision is simple yet profound: to translate your vision into tangible reality, enriching it with our expertise to exceed your expectations. Together, let's embark on a journey to transform your spaces into reflections of your dreams, where every corner whispers stories of your unique identity.


Spaces have a way to generate a certain form of emotion within. It's the environment that trumps will or determination always. It's this environment that we as designers aim to create that not only satisfies your needs, but also subconsciously engages you in a positive manner to build a life you visualize for yourself.


Our goal is primarily to incorporate your ideas or vision into reality. Ultimately, it's you, the user who will be utilizing the space, and its your vision that needs to come to life. Hopefully, with some additions on our part that will only extend what you had in mind. 


My name is Resham Makhija 

An architect by profession, a designer at heart. The founder of Studio Re.Ma. A studio dedicated to creating environments that foster and nurture.

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