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Learning to let go

The world, it see’s us in a different capacity than who we actually are. We are bound by certain guidelines and norms, and in trying to keep up with these ‘boundaries’ we tend to lose our core and in doing so we lose our identity — the one thing that distinguishes us from each other. We tend to accept the general norm and learn to compromise. We accept the ordinary, as a substitute for the extra-ordinary. ‘What’ and ‘if’ are two words that individually do not have much magnitude. But put them together and they have the brawn to change your perspective completely. What if I told you, you could break the shackles of this world that we live in and mold it to suit your needs, your views and your comforts? You no longer have to follow the trivial details of everyday life in order to survive. You struggle through it all, fight your way out. And ultimately enter a world that you have designed for yourself. You surround your environment with what makes you happy. So you are constantly enveloped with things that only reflect ‘you’! You become the center of your universe and do the things that make you jubilant. The world is becoming smaller, and trying to achieve this is no longer a want, it’s a need. All of us intend to leave a mark even after our meager existence. We all want to be a part of history. So let’s start creating our own narration so that we won’t simply be forgotten in a mist of the mundane.

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